Content Search

As an Enterprise user, you have access to the Content Search function.

Content Search will search the entire project for a word or sentence. You find the Content Search Filed on to the top of the page when you are in Project.

Content Search indexes the transcripted file as soon as transcription is ready.

  • To search for a word or sentence just write it in the Content Search field and press Enter.

  • You can also filter your search by different attributes like folder, name of the file, comment or the speaker name

content search filter

  • You should now have the result ready.  The Content Search will present the result divided in timestamps and will highlight the word in the search result so you easily can find what you are looking for.

  • You can now choose to copy the timestamp and add it to your script or send it to the team member that needs the information. They may need it for writing an article or editing a TV show or documentary.

  • To copy the time stamp, press the Copy button and paste the content to a word document, google document or an email.

  • The content that follows the copy and pastes function is the following.
    • Folder name, if the files are in a folder. ( please remember that you need to pen the transcription one more time if you move it in or out of a folder. So Content Search can do a reindexing.
    • Comments, if you have a file comment.
    • Timestamp
    • Filename
    • Speaker name
    • Content


  • You can also open the transcription, press the Open button.

  • Scriptme will open the transcription in a new tab and jump to the highlighted word, corresponding to do the timestamp in the matter, all you need to do is to press play button or CTRL+Space to playback the content.


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