How to Translate Your Video in 5 Steps with ScriptMe

Read on to learn how you can easily translate your transcript to another language in a matter of minutes using ScriptMe.

In this global society we live in, we often run into content that may not be in a language we are fluent in or even understand. In addition, businesses are becoming more international and have to try and be as accessible as possible to their partners, customers, and clients. can help you break down language barriers using its intelligent transcript engine to convert video transcripts to other languages. These transcripts can be handed out or converted into subtitles for your video and audio productions, making them more accessible to other language speakers.


♥Remember that you need to transcribe a media file in the original language before you can start to translate the content.♥


So, without further ado, let’s run through the step-by-step instructions to translate a video or audio transcript using

  • Register for a account or log in if you already have one.
  • Once you’re logged in, you will see all of your uploaded files. Browse for the transcription you want to translate and then click the “See transcription” button:


Wait a moment for the edit page to load. The edit page is where you can make changes to your video or audio transcript, including translating them to other languages.

You will see the original language of the transcript mentioned in the “Language” dropdown under the playback controls. In this case, you’ll see the transcript is in English or any other language that your original media file is transcribed in.


A hint: try to divide your transcript in as many timestamps as possible to better timing in your translated file.



  • The first step to translate the transcript is to click on the dropdown. If you’ve translated it to another language before, you’ll see it listed below the default language. To translate it to a new language, click the “Translate” button in the dropdown:


  • You’ll see a popup show on the screen. Use the dropdown to find the language you want to translate the transcript to (in this case, we chose Swedish). Then, click the “Translate” button:

You can convert transcriptions to as many languages as you like for free, so don’t worry about choosing the wrong one.


ScriptMe will take a few moments to prepare the translated transcript. It shouldn’t take more than a few seconds:


  • Once it’s completed, you’ll see the entire transcript translated into the chosen language:


From here, you can edit the transcript, convert it to subtitles, or export it in another format in the converted language. The next time you access the edit page for the transcript, you’ll see the newly converted language as an option under the “Language” dropdown:


You will also find your translated transcript on the file manager page.



And, as easy as that, you can make your audio and video files more accessible by providing transcripts in other languages.

It’s just another way in which makes your life easier when it comes to managing your video and audio transcriptions.








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