Pricing plans

These are our pricing plans

(hours is the hours of media you upload, so if you upload a 60 min long clip and transcribe it, we charge you 60 min) 


Pay as you go plan

This is our starter plan, if you’re planning to do some casual transcription or subtitles, starting from this one is a good idea. You need to buy a minimum of 1 hour and you only pay for what you use. You buy credits when you need to use them. Just like that, any commitment.

Pay as you Go plan includes 

  • Automatic Transcription
  • Automatic Subtitles
  • Multiple Speakers Identification
  • Export Formats (Txt, SRT, Word)


Scriptme PRO (cancel anytime)

This is our PRO Plan. Scriptme PRO is a subscription plan. For a monthly payment, you get 3 hours of credits every month. When they are used up, you can still buy more credits.

We save the remaining of your free credit every month if you don’t use it.
You keep the unused hours as long as you have your subscription active.
Use it at your own pace.

Scriptme Pro can be cancelled anytime, there is no notice time, and you keep your credit to the end of the period you have paid for.

Scriptme Pro is billed monthly until you cancel your subscription.

Scriptme Pro plan includes

  • Everything in Pay as you Go plan
  • Translate
  • Share
  • More export formats( Avid Markers,
    Adobe Premiere, Web VTT, STL, Resolve EDL)


Enterprise plan

This plan is for our enterprise customers that are heavy users and need to work on different projects while handling one or more teams collaborating together.

For more information, please contact us.



Dedicated server

We are developing a dedicated server solution for customers who need to handle sensitive information which they don’t want to be uploaded to the cloud.




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