Start a project

First of all, to be able to create projects, you need to be the superuser of an enterprise account.

The first time you enter your account as a Superuser you will land on the project page.

  • To start a project press the New project button.


  • A popup will open and you can write the project name and project description. You can also add users to the project.


  • You add users by writing the users email address and pressing the + button to the right(or just enter). You can add as many users as you like. Just remember to press the + button after every user.

  • When you are done adding users, press the Create project button. The users you added to the project will get an email invitation to register a scriptme account. They only need to write in their email address and pick a password, no need to confirm their email. When they login in they will see the projects they have access to on their project page.

  • Now your project is ready. Click on it, and now you and the project members can start to upload your files and transcribe them.


  • Click on the project to enter the project.


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